I am a graphic designer and avid car enthusiast based in Auckland, New Zealand. Hive is what happens when I combine the two.

I founded Hive in 2010. It started out as a personal project. I began work on a poster featuring 50 Significant Japanese Sportscars. It generated a lot of interest within the car community online so I decided to produce a limited edition run. They sold out very quickly.

Since then I have created over 80 different posters and have sold over 10,000 across the world.

I have partnered with many corporate clients to create illustrations for them.
Some clients include; McLaren, Maserati, Ford, Honda, Tarmac Works, Werks Garage and Geeky Forge.

The name Hive takes inspiration from the organisation and efficiency of the beehive system. I like things to be well organised, ordered and efficient so I chose the name to reflect these values. My inspiration comes from the cars, info graphics and categorising things. It borders on being slightly obsessive! I have always had a keen interest in cars from a young age. I regularly attend  car shows and motor sport events.

My garage is home to a supercharged 1987 Toyota MR2 that I have owned for over 20 years.

I found there was a lack of quality automotive art, and I had never come across anything done in the style I have developed.

Most of all I design things that I myself would like to hang on my wall, and I know fellow enthusiast will love them too.

Some of my most popular posters:
mx5 poster, porsche evolution poster, porsche 911 turbo evolution poster, porsche cayman poster
mr2 sw20, fast and furious car poster, porsche 911 generations poster, audi r8 v10, fast and furious diecast cars
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